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General Health Indicators

Based on the records of the Municipal Health Office, crude birth rates decreased while crude death rates remain the same for the past two years. The consultative rate has increase in three year period while infant mortality rate showed an improvement throughout the three-year period. There are no identified cases of maternal mortality rate in years 2014 and 2015.

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Morbidity Indicators

Table 43 shows that Acute Respiratory Infection was the leading causes of morbidity since 2013 followed by Influenza-like Illnesses and Skin Diseases. It was observed that the number of morbidity cases rose by 65 percent from 2013 to 2015. As a response to this problem, the Municipal Health Office provided Information Education Campaign to prevent the major causes of morbidity in the entire municipality. (table below)

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Mortality Indicators

Cases of mortality dropped for the past three years. Pneumonia was the leading causes of death in 2015 followed by Cancer and Cerebrovascular Accidents Thrombosis. Other causes included Diseases of the Heart, Renal Failure, COPD PTB, Diabetes and Multiple Organ Failure. There were identified 4 deaths caused by Sepsis and 8 deaths caused by Diabetes last year despite the effort of the Municipal Health Office in promoting healthy lifestyle.

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Nutritional Status

Table 45 shows that a total of 934 children 0-5 years old were recorded malnourished (underweight and severely underweight) in year 2015. This is less compared to 2014 record of 1285 malnourished children which represent 27 percent decrease. Moreover, there were recorded 49 overweight children. Almost 90 percent of children 0-5 years old were in normal status of nutrition.

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Sanitary Toilet Facilities

Of the total of 19,276 households surveyed in 2014 CBMS 2nd Round Survey, 3,325 households or 17.25 percent have no access to sanitary toilet facility (Table 47).Barangay Pili has the most accounted number of household without sanitary toilet with 312 followed by Sabang and Guinhawa.

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Burial Ground

Presently, there are five cemeteries that are located in the municipality. However, the public cemetery in Papandayan has reached its full capacity. As such, acquisition and development of new public cemetery is an urgent concern that should be addressed soon since most of the constituents cannot afford the high cost of burial interments in private memorial parks, although they have the capacity to accommodate more.

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Waste Disposal

At present, the municipality has a Municipal Dumping site located at Barangay Maningcol. With a total land area of 3.7 hectares, the 1.7 hectares is reserved for the construction of Sanitary Landfill. The remaining 2 hectares can accommodate 8 tons of wastes everyday.

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