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Literacy Rate

The literacy rate of the population 10 years old and over was registered at 98.95 percent.Only 1.05 percent were unable to read and write a simple message in any language.

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Highest Educational Attainment

Table 27 shows that the highest educational attainment completed by majority of the population was high school graduate followed by elementary graduate. This was comprised of 12,754 or 17% and 9,342 individuals or 13% of the total household population 5 years old and over respectively. This indicates a better educated populace attributed by free education in public schools. Academic degree holder or those who graduated from college constitute 8.63% comprised mostly by females. Those who did not have any grade completed comprised only of 1.65 percent of the population. Public schools also cater students for alternative learning system and special education.

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Educational and School Facilities

The municipality has 58 Day Care Centers and 9 privately managed Pre-Schools. It has a total of 41 elementary schools located at 35 barangays, 8 of which are private and and 33 are public. There are 16 secondary schools, 11 public schools and 4 privately managed schools. Also, there are 7 tertiary educational institutions and 1 vocational school which are all privately owned.  

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Based on the actual survey, public and private elementary schools logged a total of 13,058pupils on which 94 percent were enrolled in public schools. They were attended by 466 teachers and distributed in 446 classrooms. There were more males than females who were enrolled in elementary schools. JMSMPS recorded the highest number of enrolles with 1,892 pupils while Jesus Is Lord Colleges Foundation has the lowest number of enrolles with only 28 pupils.

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Enrolment in secondary school accounted 6,025 students for the SY 2015-2016, mostly are male. Nabuslot National High School has the highest recorded enrolles of 1, 682 students while IBSMA has the lowest number of enrolles of 41 students.

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Atpresent, Pinamalayan has 7 colleges and 1 vocational school which are all privately owned. Courses offered in colleges were ranged from 2-year courses to a 4-5 year academic degree courses while those who cannot afford formal college degree avail technical courses in vocational school. A total of 4,749 enrolles accounted for first semester of SY 2015-2016 while 4,527 enrolles accounted for second semester. Most enrolless were female students. 

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School Facilities and Condition

The table below shows that all school facilities comprised of 49.6953 hectares based on actual survey. About 31.5171 hectares were covered by both private and public elementary schools in the locality wherein Juan Morente Sr. Memorial Pilot School has the largest area covered by an educational facility. A total of 11.4482 hectares covered all secondary schools and 6.73 hectares covered by all tertiary schools. Most of public elementary schools have no laboratory, shop, library and clinic. All public secondary schools have no clinics and shops. Most of the local colleges are located within the urban core and built-up zone (see table 37) 

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