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Crops Development


Of the 28,226 hectares of Pinamalayan, around 52.14% is considered as agricultural crop land, 16.82% as pasture lands, and 0.34 as fishpond areas. These data indicate the agricultural potential of the municipality and its capacity to be the food basket of the province and even of the region.

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Livestock Production and Development

Livestock production is another area of agriculture that ordinary farmers are venturing. This has been part of their culture that aside from land cultivation, this field supplements some necessary income for their family. On that perspective, being a lead agency in this municipality to enrich animal production, several programs were implemented that could provide support to the animals raisers. The assistance is in different forms ranging from the provision of stocks, securing health, vaccination, reproduction, castration and other animal related services and programs. The following are the accomplishments for the livestock development of the municipality.

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Fishery Development

There are 509 registered fisher folks in the municipality where they are residing along the coastal barangay.    In the year 2008 and 2009 the Municipal Agriculturist Office (MA0) has conducted Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (FARMC)  meetings in the nine coastal barangays. The MAO/Fishery Division conducted on the Orientation and Implementing Guidelines on the Creation of FARMC.

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Agricultural Facilities

Irrigation Facilities

The NIA-Pula Bansud River Irrigation System has been operating since 1960. Since then, several rehabilitation works were undertaken through the Irrigation Operation Support Project (IOSP). Irrigation water is diverted through a run-off type river dam located in Barangay Inclanay, across the Pula River. The system serves 18 barangays of Pinamalayan, two in Socorro and another two in Pola. It has a total length of 50.7 kilometers of canals and 36.4 kilometers of service roads. It covers 3,117.5 hectares of Riceland.

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Agricultural Projects Funded Through Grassroot Participatory Budgeting (GPB)

The Municipal Agiculture's Office assisted and supported the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to realize the aims of this program which is to achieve community empowerment through encouraging citizens to take active roles in the community development by articulating their needs to the government and determining what projects are responsive to their necessities. For the last 2 years that Pinamalayan underwent such program, it home a bunch of significant projects that really alleviate different CSOs. The table below shows the summed up the status of the priority projects for GPB 2014.


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