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Number of Categories: 19
folder.png Annual Investment Program Files: 6
folder.png Annual Accomplishment Report Files: 5
folder.png Community Based Monitoring System Files: 2
folder.png Child Friendly Local Governance Audit Files: 1
folder.png Comprehensive Land Use Plan Files: 4
folder.png Ecological Profile Files: 5
folder.png Executive Legislative Agenda Files: 2
folder.png Municipal Poverty Reduction Action Plan 2015 Files: 1
folder.png Thematic and System Plans and Programs Files: 3
folder.png Civil Society Organization Files: 2
folder.png Municipal Development Goal Files: 1
folder.png Executive Order Subcategories: 3 Files: 100
folder.png Municipal Water Supply, Sewerage and Sanitation Sector Plan Files: 1
folder.png Municipal Gender and Development Plan Files: 1
folder.png Municipal Climate Change Action Plan Files: 1
folder.png Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan Files: 1
folder.png Bangon Pinamalayan Files: 1
folder.png Citizen Charter Subcategories: 3 Files: 23
folder.png Strategic Performance Management System Files: 1


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