Facilities and Services

Among the primary services offered by the Municipal Government of Pinamalayan thru the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) are the day care services and senior citizens services. Table below show a total of 2,101 pre-schoolers were enrolled to primary level of education in 58 Day Care Centers thru the supervision of the Day Care Workers. However, 8 day care centers are still in critical condition and need a priority action for the benefits of the pre-schoolers. Meanwhile, twenty four (24) barangays have a Senior Citizen’s Center catering medical care to 6,428 elderly citizens.

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MSWDO Clientele System

The nature of services and facilities offered by MSWDO are mentioned in table below. Among its programs and projects include programs child and youth welfare, family and community welfare, women's welfare, welfare of the elderly and disabled persons; Children In Conflict with the Law (CICL), solo parents and indigenous people.

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Social Welfare Related Projects

Crisis Management Center is a priority project of the LGU under the 20% Development Fund constructed and finished in 2011. It is a temporary shelter for children in conflict with the law, abused case victims, raped victims and other court related cases/problems. It also served as administrative office of MSWDO for catering clients.


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