Manpower, Facilities and Equipment


Presently, there are two main headquarters stationed in the municipality, Pinamalayan Municipal Police Station (PMPS) located at Municipal Compound, Zone III and the Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC) located at Sitio Paraiso, Zone I.  PMPS has a total of 43 police personnel and 2 vehicles currently in good condition for law enforcement. Based on the 2014 total population (84,046), the current ratio of policeman to population was approximately 1:1,827 on which is below the nationally accepted policeman–  population ratio of 1:1,000. Meanwhile, PPSC has a 131 police personnel and 5 vehicles in good condition. PPSC was assigned for law enforcement and public safety not only for Pinamalayan but also for the adjacent municipalities like Gloria, Pola and Socorro.

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Fire Incidence

Based on the data provided by Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Pinamalayan,11 fire outbreaks occurred for the last three years. The usual cause of fires originated from electrical short circuits. (table below)

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Crime Incidence

Crime incidence shows an erratic trend for the last three years both index and non-index crimes. In 2014, physical injuries rose to 13 from only 1 in 2012. Rape cases, theft and homicide climbed up from the previous years. Other incidences of crime reported were carnapping, robbery, and murder. (table below)

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